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Fried Chicken with Watermelon, Tomato & Corn Salad

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 17, 2013 at 4:01pm

Fried Chicken with Watermelon Tomato Salad | Fresh TartI’m writing a cookbook called Twin Cities Chef’s Table, to be published by Globe Pequot in spring 2014. The book is a snapshot of the Twin Cities food scene, incorporating recipes and full-color photographs from chefs, growers, and purveyors. Twin Cities Chef’s Table will be part of a series of of beautiful Chef’s Table books that have highlighted various regions and cities around the country. Back when I was considering the proposal, the publisher sent me Cape Cod Chef’s Table, by John Carafoli and Francine Zaslow, which for me sealed the deal. The book is a food fairy’s tale of Cape Cod and its magical bounty of farms, fish, and markets. Smart chefs add just a bit of sparkle to perfect ingredients.

It was actually a non-fish recipe that stole my heart, likely because the dish would happily shine here in the Twin Cities. Folks in every region spread checkered tablecloths on picnic tables and set out platters of fried chicken, watermelon, sweet corn, and garden-ripe tomatoes. What I loved about this dish is how fresh and pretty the components are together, snuggled right into the same dish, pulled together with fresh mint, jalapeno, lime, and honey. Cool and sweet meets hot and salty, always a winning combination.

As an unplanned aside, I happened to possess a bottle of Lucia’s (yes, that Lucia!) maple-mustard vinaigrette, one of a line of best-quality products Lucia has developed with Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op. While the recipe’s honey/lime dressing is a perfect finish for the salad, I couldn’t resist swiping the fried chicken through Lucia’s dressing. The hint of mustard, smooth and just a bit sweet, yet tangy enough to be addictive, is nice here…and everywhere.

Recipe for Fried Chicken with Watermelon, Tomato & Corn Salad at TC Taste/Minnesota Monthly Magazine.

Lovely Lucia’s Lunching

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 9, 2009 at 7:22pm

Pre-Mother’s Day lunch today, score!  I do love Lucia’s.  I enjoyed a colorful farmer’s salad bursting with crisp greens and jicama, slices of juicy orange, a handful of fresh herbs, and a few slices of salty steak.  John dug into a pile of softly scrambled eggs, set off by crunchy foccacia croutons in a pool of tomato-fennel sauce, so fabulous.  We split a side of herb-roasted potatoes, served alongside a dollop of thick, cool sour cream, perfectly positioned for swiping through en route to crispy-salty-creamy oblivion…

A post-meal trip next door to Lucia’s-to-Go yielded dinner – a delicious loaf of cottage cheese-dill bread, almost cake-like with it’s fine, moist crumb.  Oil-cured tuna salad with hard-cooked eggs.  Crunchy cauliflower-carrot salad.  A margherita pizza for Nathan.  We even scored Baby Buddhas (mini streusel coffee cakes) for tomorrow’s Mother’s Day Brunch.