Stuck in a food rut and feeling frustrated with not sticking to your healthy-eating goals? Kickass Condiments: 20+ Little Recipes That Change Everything is a PDF/ebook loaded with drinkable (seriously!) condiment recipes and tons of meal suggestions for how to use them.

Recipes are Paleo/AIP/Whole30 (many are vegan too) and nutrient-dense all on their own. The book also includes tips for fast cooking, equipment, and storage instructions. In other words, it’s a steal.

Are you new to the autoimmune protocol? Are you experimenting with Whole30? Are you struggling to implement a delicious elimination diet (NOT an oxymoron) to learn about food sensitivities? Are you a food LOVER who can not bear to eat boring food? Are you a crazy-busy working mom trying to eat well and teach your family to love real food? Are you all of the above? (Many of you are, I see you!)

Then Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans are for you. PVM meal plans are delivered via email each week. The truth is that there is no more efficient way to get your own healthy meals on the table every night – and love the food – than to outsource the menus, grocery lists, and recipes to me. I have your back, and I have the experience to lay it all out for you and to make it easy, doable, and flipping amazing.

The condiments from PVM are so beloved, I turned them into the Kickass Condiments book above! Each week includes two condiments recipes, as well as proteins, vegetables, starches, storage instructions, and clean-up instructions. If you’re ready to to change the way you eat and see real progress, then dive in and join our community.

The 30-Minute Paleo Cookbook

If you’re new to paleo (grain-free/dairy-free) and cooking with real food (and you can eat eggs/nuts/nightshades), then The 30-Minute Paleo Cookbook is a fast and delicious place to start getting healing meals on the table.

With a focus on big flavors, common ingredients, and simple cooking, in no time you’ll have the hang of making easy meals that you and your family will love.

I think of Healing Green Broth as a rather magical elixir that I (and a lot of you!) buzz up with greens, herbs, bone broth, healthy fat, lemon, and collagen into a warm, deeply nutritious, marvelously flavorful mug of zingy comfort.

I’ve shouted all over social media about how I personally use Healing Green Broth to quell cravings and take care of my skin from the inside out.

But I’ve also received the most wonderful notes from many of you about how you use Healing Green Broth to get over colds, re-energize on a crazy day, fuel-up after a workout, and/or recover from a hangover.

I’ve read them all and you’ve inspired me to create something fun…

…something we can do together to learn to make bone broth, boost energy, drop a few pounds, cook for ourselves, get glowing, and create a nourishing, daily ritual.

I’ve called it the Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge. And it’s free! Click through to sign up and right away you’ll receive the first of four emails with bone broth recipes and ways to turn it into all sorts of fun variations of Healing Green Broth.

If you’re a foodie, then you will love Twin Cities Chef’s Table. More than 40 Twin Cities’ chefs share favorite recipes for home cooks, giving you a peek into how chef’s think about flavor, texture, and seasoning. Writing this book made my own cooking so much more interesting and I’m thrilled to be able to share my favorite chefs’ tips with you.

This book is also a love letter to the Minneapolis/St. Paul food scene, which has exploded in the last decade. Some of the finest restaurants in the country are here in Minnesota and I’m proud to share their stories with you.

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