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Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 22, 2016 at 3:15pm

Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream (Primal, Fauxtail)

Happy Fauxtail Friday! And in this case Happy Dessert Friday, because this baby pink beauty is the PERFECT easy summer dessert.

“Egg creams” aren’t all that familiar to us Midwesterners, at least these days when soda fountains have all but disappeared. But they’ve persisted on the East Coast, and that’s a wonderful thing, because holy cats are they marvelous! They contain neither eggs nor cream, just to keep things interesting, and are typically a combination of chocolate syrup, half-n-half, and soda water. The effect is “float,” but less cloyingly sweet, and without having to wait for ice cream to melt.


Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream

In this version, Erik Eastman of Easy & Oskey subbed in the rhubarb simple syrup from a few weeks back, for the Tea Rhubarb Sour fauxtail, and behold… A cold, lightly creamy-dreamy, sweet-tart beauty with just a hint of fizz and the blush of girl asked on her first date.

Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream Fauxtail

Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream for Fauxtail Friday (and Dessert!)I’m not going to call this outright nutritious, but it truly is so much lighter than many paleo desserts loaded with tons of honey or maple syrup, and a small serving is so satisfying.

You know that I’m crazy about panna cottas and this sort of lives in that world, with even less fuss (not that panna cottas are all that fussy).

Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream for Fauxtail Friday (and Dessert!)

I’m going to go out on a limb here – because this is untested, because I’m wildly sensitive to coconut, and because I love you guys (but not enough to break out in hives) – and say that if you’re following the autoimmune protocol, or you otherwise don’t eat dairy, this could be damn delicious made with light coconut milk. The kind in a can, not a carton (very well shaken or stirred before mixing).

If you try it, please report back.

Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream for Fauxtail Friday (and Dessert!)

Fresh Tart | Rhubarb "Egg" Cream for Fauxtail Friday (and Dessert!)If you can’t tell, I’m so enjoying collaborating with someone else on blog posts. I was in bit of a blogging rut. I mean, I’m always cooking and sharing my meals over on Instagram (and my Fresh Tart Facebook page), but my attention has been on nutrition, teaching, and developing recipes for others. I’m finding my way back to writing, however, and I really do think part of the solution is doing what I love most – sharing ideas with other cooks and chefs, especially people as creative and talented as Erik. We bounce around ideas, flavor combinations, styling, and both snap pics. (Check out his Instagram to see the #showyourwork cocktail series we’ve been playing with – he includes recipes in his posts!)

This is a bit unrelated, but I’m going to take the risk here of announcing that I’m working on a bit of a side project – I’m calling it the 30-Day Healing Green Broth Challenge™. I’ve had so much wonderful feedback from YOU all about how you use Healing Green Broth to feel better when you’re sick, keep your appetite steady, add delicious deep nutrition to your diet, improve your skin tone, on and on. I’m trying my hardest to launch September 1st so if you’d like to be on the mailing list and join a whole bunch of us who will raise a mug daily for a month, send me your email here. Putting this out in the ether holds me to a deadline! I’ll be including the option to purchase meal plans and shopping lists as well, a new experiment for me, also because many of you have asked for exactly that. I’m listening and working on putting it all together!

Egg Cream Recipe | Fresh Tart

And so…on to the recipe (that I wrote in a notebook while watching Erik make one, taking notes and doodling like a high school girl who drops the f-bomb as I often as…I drop the f-bomb). My wish for you is to enjoy this on a hot summer evening, preferably outside, before the mosquitoes come out.

As I noted above, we made this egg cream with rhubarb simple syrup, but Erik posted a blueberry simple last week and it would be killah also.

xoxo Stephanie

Rhubarb Egg Cream
Makes 1 (scale up as desired)

2 ounces rhubarb simple syrup (or sub blueberry)
1 ounce half-n-half
Very cold seltzer water or club soda or very bubbly sparkling water

Measure the simple syrup and half-n-half into a 10-ounce serving glass. Place it (and the bottle of seltzer) in the freezer for 10 minutes or until very cold (but obviously not frozen).

Using a spoon, vigorously whisk simple syrup and half-n-half together while pouring the soda water slowly into the glass. Keep whisking while pouring, until egg cream foams up to the top of the glass. Serve with a straw.

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