Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 21, 2007 at 7:13pm

Alright, after all my reading (I’ve been a bit buried for days, sorry), I’ve decided to back way off on sugars and grains. I haven’t completely eliminated them, of course, but I’m consuming very few. Even more emphasison fresh meat, dairy, veggies, fruits. Whole foods, baby! Actually not much of a change, I haven’t been eating all that much bread anyhow, since I decided to pare things down exactly one year ago – except toast for breakfast. It’s been a week since I started tinkering and I have to say – I feel great. And I’m not puffy, or hungry, since I’m not limiting fat. I’ll let you know how I continue to feel, and look, I find it all quite fascinating. Me, interested in food and nutrition? No way!

So…mushroom & gruyere omelets for dinner, yum. Sunday nights are often omelet (or frittata) nights, they’re just so tasty and easy, you know? We had a shockingly, wonderfully lazy weekend – Nathan and I have been on a big Grey’s Anatomy kick (past seasons) and we had ourselves a little marathon since he had extra days off for MEA. And, oh, John and I continued our anniversary celebration yesterday afternoon with lunch at Bacio followed by a sweet, appopriately romantic movie, Ira & Abby. Way fun.

So my head’s in the clouds, but I’m still here, still cooking. Just thinking. Hmmm…

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