Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 28, 2007 at 5:23pm

Moving Day! No, not for me, heavens no, but for Susie. So, instead of Friday Morning Coffee with Suz, it was Load Up My Car with Suz’s Stuff, ha. It was…fun! Yes, fun! I’ve given her and The Coreman all sorts of crap about being too old for a do-it-yourself move, but it’s all actually worked out fine. (Well, almost fine, there have been a few of the typical scheduling snafus, but so it goes when one moves, as we all know. Moving! Uuuugh…). No one (so far) has thrown out a back (knock on wood), or ruined any furniture (knock on leather), and they’re looking shockingly settled in the new digs.

And the new digs are GREAT! Wooded and spacious and absolutely lovely, reminds me a lot of Debbie & Stu the Wine Genius’ beautiful home. So Suz is now a Cake-Eater. Wow. I don’t know how one achieves Metal Cake-Eater status, but somehow she’s done it. Look out Hornets, Suz is RAWKIN’ Edina! Yet, Elegantly…

Me? I’m solo for dinner tonight, I’m rawkin’ (ha) leftover Manhattan Clam Chowder, and that’s about it. Perhaps a bath. Perhaps a twilight walk around the ‘hood. And then early to bed, it’s just that kind of Friday, ya know? Enjoy yours…

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