Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 12, 2006 at 1:29pm

Beautiful, sunny Sunday, wow. And more cuteness this morning, Nikko and Addison waking up here and having a little brunch with us. They’re so good about eating, they happily had poached scrambled eggs with scallions, sausage, and streusel muffins. Two brunches in a row, not my usual, but hey, I’ll take it! The original plan was to meet up with Baby Boom Boom’s dad Bowen at Hell’s Kitchen downtown, but Bowen’s not feeling well, and Nathan ended up having breakfast after church with his dad’s family, so it worked better to just whip up something here. So we’ve been busy so far today! I even had to blow out my hair, which I only do on special occasions (it takes forever and I hate doing it), because Susie, Kim, and I are going to take our first shot at recording our soon-to-be podcast tonight, Feminine Hijinx, and Cory’s going to snap some pics of us for the FH website. No makeup-less Sunday for me!

So in a bit here we’re heading over to Stacey’s pad to check out Boom Boom’s nursery, it’s all ready to go, all we need is his birth! Soon, soon… Then back here for some homework and chillin’, gotta get in the right frame of mind for shrieking into a microphone with the girls.

Back now, the nursery is cozy and adorable, very Stacey, and totally baby ready! Stacey and Bowen have done an amazing job of picking out furniture, carseat, bouncy seat, stroller, crib, decorations – the whole nine. This little boy is going to have one s-weet set up. Everyone’s wondering how Kitty Co – Stacey’s shockingly charming and friendly cat – is going to do, but he is so adaptable, I think he’ll be just fine. Co tried out the Baby Bjorn carrier today and thought it was terrific. He also yawned through a visit by the two neighbor dogs, as well as us. Snuggled up with Nathan (who has bigger eyes, Nathan or Co?), did all his silly tricks, he’s a cutie. We hung out chatting at Stace’s for a little too long, which was a blast, but sort of messed up our dinner plan. Basically, we now don’t have one, we’re winging it here, which is fine, with all the food we still have. (I say that it’s fine, but I confess I got a little bitchy about it on the way home, sorry John and Nathan, although I’ve recovered now…)

So, another weekend of fun and food, kids, dogs, cat, diapers, brunch(es), now all behind us, darn. I like busy weekends. Nikko calls me Snephanie and it’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Time for Snephanie to wind down a bit and, as Suz says, get my Podcast Pants on, I’m on to the next endeavor…

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  1. By Paul on February 13, 2006 at 6:22PM

    You kitty look a lot like our cat. You can see him on our Freaks of Nature blog.

  2. By Suz on February 12, 2006 at 2:52PM

    Get your Podcast Pants on, girl! Woo!!