Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 5, 2006 at 7:53pm

Guess who I babysat today? Coooooper!!! So fun! I got to feed him a tasty little lunch of a few bites each of plain yogurt, mashed avocado, mashed banana, and Cheerios. I love how babies fist those Cheerios and bite them with their little front teeth – crunch! We had a little bit of time to play, then I took him over to his soon-to-be new home to meet up with his mommy and check it out. It’s fabulous, he’ll love exploring his new digs – in fact, by the time he moves in he’ll be walking and giving his mom and dad fits as he heads toward the stairs…

A very simple dinner tonight. Thin pork chops, sprinkled with a little salt and dried thyme, then sauteed until lightly browned. A quick splash of broth in the pan to stir up all the good browned bits, reduced a bit and finished with a swirl of Dijon mustard for a lovely (light) pan sauce, and voila, Dinner in 15. With a salad, maybe couscous, a fast, healthy, lovely meal. And isn’t that how we want them all to be, especially during the week, especially on a chilly Tuesday evening after a long day at work? Yeah, I know…

And PS, damn Amy Brown for her incredible Christmas cookies. The. Best. EVAR. Every year. I tried, I tried so hard to not indulge…but I confess, I had a few for brekkie this a.m. Ohhh, so good (with my coffee? KILL!). I’m happy to say, however, that although I indulged when I hadn’t planned on it, it was in the finest. I guess that’s what being a moderate epicurean is all about. (And justifies completely my wish to not bake cookies this year – mine aren’t nearly as good as hers, and now we’ve all had our tasties. Perf!)

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