Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 29, 2006 at 1:33pm

The Laukka-Rempfer Floridians prevailed today, thanks to smokin’ hot pitching by Nick and sweaty, dusty catching by Owen. We are now guaranteed at least second place, which is the best we’ve ever fared in AAA or Minors Little League play – very exciting! The fans so lucked out with cloud cover and a nice breeze, which made the 90+ degree heat and humidity seem somewhat bearable. I dare say more than a few of the parents were thinking it would be, well, fine if we lost today and were done. But no! We’re back tomorrow, on another heat-advisory-hot day, to play the only still-undefeated team – you know, the one that just happened to stuff us on Thursday night. Ouch. And if we somehow beat them tomorrow, we’ll play them again on Monday for the championship. And we’ll have to move our team party, to be here at the hacienda, from Monday to Tuesday night. Ouch again. Lots of potential Little League drama, so stay tuned…

We all followed up the game with a trip over to PT – aka Park Tavern – for a healthy lunch of cheesy thin-crust pizza and hot-out-of-the-fat onion rings, fries, chicken strips, and wings. I love good bar food, I do, especiallly when washed down with tap beer (for the parents!) and soda (for the kids!). Aaaaaahhh…now I need a NAP! Time to pad on out to the pool, I think… More sun? Eh, what the hell…

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