Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 31, 2006 at 1:44pm

Rishia Zimmern sent me this picture today of Noah, titled, Takes After His Dad. Indeed! I laughed out loud, it’s so damn cute. Andrew doesn’t wear diapers though… Especially while he’s away in Spain and Morocco filming the first segment of his new Travel Channel series, Bizarre Foods. You may have caught the pilot, shot in Asia, which has been running on the Travel Channel for more than a year now. He just took off last week, not sure of his return date, but he’s sending update emails logging the various “tasties” he consumes. I put tasties in quotes because his last entry he signed off in search of bull’s balls. Ack. He’s sampling plenty of more appetizing foods as well, in fact, it all sounds pretty incredible. I’ll keep you posted when he sends his next…

I had the loveliest salad for lunch – chopped endive, chicory, arugula, spinach, scallion, basil, tossed with a little olive oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt, and pepper. And topped with an over-easy egg, of course. Damn, it was good. I’m making the salad again tonight, but with warm bacon balsamic dressing. To go with roasted chicken drummies (John and I had a misunderstanding this weekend about what drumsticks are – he thought I meant the winglet/drummies, so I made a whole batch of the real deal sorta for nothing, oh well). And a crispy baguette (which I have to admit I stole a bit of to make a few yummy croutons for my lunch salad) that I think I’ll brush with oil, sprinkle with coarse salt, and throw on the grill. Perhaps I’ll give that strawberry shortcake another try as well (after our disastrous Memorial Day). It sure is a strawberry shortcake kind of day – warm, dry, sunny, fragrant. Boooootiful. We’ll try eating, instead of fighting, on the deck tonight…

And Happy 48th Anniversary to my fabulous in-laws, John and Dot (pictured here, a few years ago, in EH)!!

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