It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 15, 2008 at 10:36am

The tree is finally trimmed – it’s a Christmas miracle!  I can’t believe how slowly I’m warming to Christmas this year, it’s bad for even me.  I’m getting there, I’m getting there, and even enjoying the process.  A little.  I’m trying my best to embrace the moment – the scent of the tree, the beauty of wrapped gifts.  But I can’t quite escape the nagging feeling that this is just a whole lot of expensive work.  No!  Stop that!  OK.  I’ll stop.  And count my many blessings and fully enjoy the holiday, as I (eventually) do every year.

I hope your holiday baking/shopping/wrapping is going well and smoothly!  I’ve already enjoyed the most fabulous Christmas cookies.  Not my own – I gave up baking cookies years ago – but Amy Brown’s, the creme de la creme of Christmas cookies, beyond good.  Between Nathan, John, and me, those babies were gone in no time.  Thank you Amy and Jon!

I braised boneless beef shortribs over the weekend (from Whole Foods, highly recommend), almost three pounds of them so that I could stretch them for several meals.  Unctious, beefy, perhaps my favorite cut.  On Saturday night we had them with pan juices over orzo, topped with roasted peppers and onions.  Last night we had hot roast beef sandwiches.  And tomorrow night I think I’ll turn what remains into empanadasStay tuned…

Tonight, John and I are braving the cold – real, serious cold – and heading out to…we don’t know yet.  Our emails so far include our Monday night staple Cave Vin, or perhaps Barbette or Salut.  Or maybe D’Amico Cucina or I Nonni.  Again, stay tuned…


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