Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 7, 2008 at 10:47am

For a lazy Sunday’s browse, here’s what’s cooking/opening around the web…

Dear Dara reports that Turtle Bread’s long awaited venture in Linden Hills, Tosca, is in the process of opening.

Sassy Radish fries lovely, crispy, perfect latkes – Holy Hannukah!

Smitten Kitchen concocts a crave-worthy, hearty cabbage soup that I can’t wait to try.

Use Real Butter rolls out an elegant holiday appetizer – bite-sized beef tenderloin wraps.

The Kitchen Sink, while on a visit to Minnesota no less, simmers Albondigas (meatball soup) that looks insanely delicious.

And if you’re looking for a good, foodie book, let me suggest what I’m going to be (re)reading today – MFK Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf.  If you’ve never read Ms. Fisher, you’re in for such a treat.  Her most famous book, The Gastronimical Me, is a must-read for any food lover, it literally changed my life.  She wrote How to Cook a Wolf during the deprivations and foot-shortages of World War II.  It is a whip-smart, funny, and sophisticated guide to eating well on an extreme budget.  Timely given the current state of the economy, no doubt, but mostly just a fantastic book.  Dig in, you’ll be glad.

And here at the moderate epicurean?  Aw, nothin’ much to write about.  I had a fantastic bowl of leftover french onion soup for lunch.  For din, well, the plan is nothing more than good ol’ spaghetti with meat sauce, a kid fave pretty perfect for Sunday night movie watching. I keep it on the lighter side by going easy on the pasta, heavy on the broccoli I saute with garlic to accompany.

Time to build a fire (Sasha took the cool pic – no, the flames are not really leaping out of the fireplace and into John’s hair) and find that book…

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