Happy Passover and Easter!

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Apr 13, 2009 at 9:11am

Pretty laid back holiday eating ’round these parts. I haven’t busted out any of my favorite Kosher for Passover recipes for my stepdaughter yet this year, maybe I will on Wednesday (popovers, brownies, matzo ball soup, or latkes?). Saturday night we just had K for P pasta, with marinara, and a pan full of sauteed vegetables. Easy. Nice.







Yesterday Stacey and Cooper joined us to celebrate Easter with a relatively new tradition – breaking my son’s third-annual Lenten pizza fast. The last couple of years we were in a hotel on Easter Sunday, scoring room-service pizza-for-breakfast before heading for the airport. It was nice to be home this year and make something homemade (and more wholesome!).







I made a simple and delicious whole wheat crust (pulled the recipe from here; recommend it highly – it makes three baking-sheet-sized very thin crust pizzas, just the way we like ’em). Pizzas are a nice do-ahead meal – I made the dough and par-baked the crusts earlier in the day, as well as simmered a simple tomato sauce (garlic, red pepper flakes, oregano), caramelized onions (thyme), and sauteed mushrooms (sage). Nathan and Cooper take their pizza with pepperoni and green olives, but I made a veggier/lighter version for us grown ups (fontina, onion, mushroom, pine nuts).







To keep things on the lighter side, we just had veggies for appetizers – guacamole with jicama and red bell pepper, and a steamed artichoke with a simple dip (mayo whisked with a bit of Dijon mustard and fresh lemon juice). With a big salad (topped with a little crispy prosciutto and Parm), and berries for dessert, a tasty if unconventional Easter dinner.

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