Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge
Hello, broth bosses!

If you’re new to Fresh Tart, welcome to my online home, this place where I share my passion for cooking healthy, simply delicious food that makes you and those you love feel and look amazing.

I recently had the opportunity to tell a bit of my story to photographer and videographer Jennifer Simonson, for her new online series “Food for Thought.”

I made Ginger Scallion Sauce and Braised Pork Shoulder and talked about how we have the power to take back our health, connect with our families, and eat ridiculously delectable food by stepping into our own kitchens.

I am thrilled to share the episode with you, let me know what you think!

And I also have a new, fun project to share with you.

Actually, maybe not all that new, ha.

Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram and/or my Fresh Tart Facebook page, you’ve seen me post 1000 times about Healing Green Broth, the rather magical elixir that I (and a lot of you!) buzz up with greens, herbs, bone broth, butter, lemon, and collagen into a warm, deeply nutritious, marvelously flavorful mug of zingy comfort.

I’ve shouted all over social media about how I personally use Healing Green Broth to quell cravings and take care of my skin from the inside out.

But I’ve also received the most wonderful notes from many of you about how you use Healing Green Broth to get over colds, re-energize on a crazy day, fuel-up after a workout, and/or recover from a hangover.

I’ve read them all and you’ve inspired me to create something fun…

…something we can do together to learn to make bone broth, boost energy, drop a few pounds, cook for ourselves, get glowing, and create a nourishing, daily ritual.

I’m calling it the Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge.

It’s FREE!HGB standing

And it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: the challenge is to make and drink one mug of broth each day for 30 days. You can drink it for a meal, with a meal, for a snack, in the morning, afternoon, or evening. It doesn’t matter! Some people love it as a warm, savory breakfast. Others like to sip it after work when they’re starving and making dinner and would rather skip a glass of wine.

Totally up to you.

During the challenge, once/week for 4 weeks I will email you:

  • one deeply flavorful bone broth recipe that will yield enough broth to make 7 servings of Healing Green Broth
  • two flavor variations to try during the week
  • a shopping list for the week

Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge

I’ll also add you to a private Healing Green Broth Facebook group where you can ask questions, share tips and pics, and get ideas for turning Healing Green Broth into healthy, flavor-packed meals.

I’ve got a group of friends wrapping up a test challenge – they’re giving me awesome feedback so when I officially launch the challenge, the recipes are as clear and tasty as can be.

If you’re interested, sign up below! I’ll be officially launching in the next few weeks. Please share with friends who might be interested too – it’s fun to do together.

Make sure to follow @healinggreenbroth on Instagram.

And I’ll see you in your email box SOON! xoxo Stephanie

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